An Introduction to the Site

This site is to celebrate the lives of five wonderful musicians who exiled themselves from South Africa in the 1960s.

In alphabetical order those men were, Johnny Dyani - bass; Mongezi Feza- trumpet, Chris McGregor - piano; Louis Moholo - drums and Dudu Pukwana - alto sax.
There were others who left South Africa around that time. Some are mentioned regularly in the following pages, some have great web sites already devoted to them, like Abdullah Ibrahim. Others, such as Harry Miller will have special pages on this site devoted to them.

There was one more ‘Blue Note’ who came over to Europe with them, Nick Moyake, sadly he soon returned to South Africa, and died prematurely of a brain tumour.

The site continues to expand, and as more articles, recordings etc. surface, will continue to grow. Thank you to those who have helped the site develop, and of course I am always interested in new information and material. Just click the ‘contact me’ on the left to reach me.

I have used record sleeves, newspaper reviews and articles, and am attempting to find the authors and designers etc. to get permission to use their work. Should you own the rights to any item used, please contact me and I trust we can come to an amicable arrangement. This is a completely non profit making site, with no revenues received or expected.

There will of course be errors and omissions. Should you spot any and should you have any extra information, photos, club/festival venue flyers etc. please let me know. All additions will be acknowledged.

Many thanks, Mike Fowler

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